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Chuks Akunna – It is our right to know where Tinubu is, he is our president-elect



Chuks Akunna - It is our right to know where Tinubu is, he is our president-elect

Chuks Akunna, Executive Director of the Authority newspaper, said Nigerians have a right to know the whereabouts of Bola Ahmed Tinubu because he is the President-elect. Continue Reading>>>

He also said the media has a responsibility to report on Tinubu’s whereabouts and activities during the transition period.

In an interview with AIT, Chuks Akunna said he was concerned about Tinubu’s whereabouts.

Chuks Akunna shared some of the things that have helped him manage his own mental health and encouraged him to consult a doctor or therapist on what is best for him Chuks Akunna’s talk was a great way to dispel some of the myths about mental health, It was great to hear about the subject from someone with first hand experience.

We have a right to know where President-elect Tinubu stands. It is not in the best interest of the country for Tinubu to disappear like this after winning the election. We have been through a lot recently and we don’t want a repeat of that with another president.

Buhari went to Saudi Arabia a few days ago and Salah is said to be coming soon. No one knows where Tinubu is right now.

Chuks Akunna said Nigerians should not be fooled by anyone, including the President. Continue Reading>>>

We are sick and tired of the era we are living in. Those who want to lead Nigerians should come and talk to us. It is bad enough that Tinubu refused to meet Nigerians face to face during the campaign.

‘The president-elect is our property, so his whereabouts is the biggest question,’ Chukwusu said – 200 million Nigerians are eagerly waiting to hear from him.

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