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ECOWAS issues security alert to staff



The ECOWAS Commission has alerted its staff on alleged plans by criminals to infiltrate state capitals, including the FCT, Abuja.

The commission alleged that there were plans to carry out abductions for ransom and recruitment for terrorism.

In a statement titled, ‘Security advisory on the current security situation in the country’ and signed by the ECOWAS Commissioner for General Administration and Conference, Vafolay Tulay, ECOWAS advised its staff to limit social engagements and avoid going out at night after work hours.

The statement in part reads: “There is a heightened sense of insecurity sweeping across Nigeria lately.

“Intelligence reports warn of plans by undesirable elements to infiltrate various parts of the nation, particularly state capitals including Abuja with the view to perpetrate crimes such as abductions and kidnappings for ransom, or as means of getting recruits for terrorist activities.

“Staff are therefore strongly advised to be extra careful as they go about their daily activities.

“Be extra careful when using a rented vehicle to stay safe and secure.

“Kindly observe the following: Maintain environmental awareness on your route to, and from work; watch out for anything abnormal around your surroundings, avoid and report same immediately, limit social engagements as much as possible and avoid going out at night.”

ECOWAS also advised staff to limit in-country travels as much as possible, whether by road or by air.

“Take appropriate security measures when approaching a checkpoint.

“Be ready to take anti-ambush/counter surveillance measures always, and be vigilant at places of worship, markets, motor parks, filling stations, including shopping malls,” the commission added.

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