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Ekweremadus: Nobody Told Me About Kidney Transplant – Victim Tells Court



In a recent trial of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President, that was held on Tuesday at the Old Bailey court in Central England, the United Kingdom, for alleged kidney harvesting of a 22 year old man named David Ukpo. CONTINUE READING

Ekweremadu, his wife (Beatrice), his daughter (Sonia) and a doctor (Obinna Obeta) were accussed of planning to bring David to UK with the aim of harvesting his kidney and transplanting it to his daughter who is sick.

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During the trial, the victim told the court that he had slept on the streets for 3 days when doctors at a London hospital told him that his kidney would not match Ekweremadu’s daughter. He had to go to a police station and report the incident. He also said that he was lured by a doctor working for Ekweremadu into coming to the UK for work, only for him to realise that they needed his kidney.

According to Davids words, Nobody told me about kidney transplant. He carried me to the hospital to remove my kidneys. The doctor said I was too young but the man said if ‘you do not do it here he would carry me back to Nigeria and do it there.”

Mr David also told the court that he was going to be paid about £2,000 (N1.2 million Naira) for the operation and that he was also told to tell doctors that he was a member of the Ekweremadu family.

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