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#EndSARS: No money for Lagos, I put Sanwo-Olu’s album in my archive – Buhari



Sanwo-Olu when he presented #EndSARS destruction of Lagos album to Buhari in Abuja last year

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday night said he told Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos that he has no money to give the State in view of last year’s #EndSARS devastation.

He said he simply put Sanwo-Olu’s album in his archive and told him the federal government has no money to give Lagos.

Property worth over N500 billion were destroyed by rampaging youths in Lagos.

But Buhari, in an interview with the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, said before the EndSARS incident, the previous governor of Lagos State bought 200 buses to complement the transportation in Lagos, as well as built a complex involving railways but that the youths during EndSARS went and burnt them.

“The present governor made an album and came to see me, I said ‘thank you very much.’ I took the album, put it in my archive, and told him to tell Lagosians to work because we don’t have the money after the government bought 200 buses for some people to come and burn it. So, let them work,” he said.

On what he meant by ‘treating them in the language they understand,’ Buhari said people could not just go to a police station, kill people there and burn the place down and expected the government to keep quiet.

“What I mean is how can you go to a police station, kill the police people who are there, loot the armoury and burn the place? What do you want to achieve?

“Go and open prison and allow criminals who have been tried by the legal system and let them escape and how can government sit aside and allow this confusion to be perpetrated?

“All they need is confusion and no government can allow confusion,” he stated.

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