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Jimi Disu: Why Tinubu Should Speak To The Media Before He Is Sworn In On May 29



Jimi Disu: Why Tinubu Should Speak To The Media Before He Is Sworn In On May 29

With barely a month before he’s sworn in as Nigeria’s 16 Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic, APC flag bearer, and President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been urged by veteran journalist and public affairs commentator, Jimi Disu to speak to the media before May 29. Continue Reading…

While reacting during an interview on Nigeria Info FM’s ‘Morning Crossfire’ program on Tuesday, Disu opined that it is important for Tinubu to speak to the media now that campaigns are over. According to the veteran journalist, there is palpable tension among Nigerians over what the President-elect has in store for the country ahead of his incoming government.

He said; “Tinubu is back in the country and says he is well rested after his trip. He also said he is refreshed and ready for the task ahead. As for his plans for the country, Tinubu revealed that he has been consulting and planning with putting together a formidable team that would help him hit the ground running once he assumes office on May 29. I think at this point, I would plead with Asiwaju to please make himself available to the media to discuss his first six months in government. It is very important because there seems to be a palpable tension in the land as to what he has in store for the country.

The elections are over and what we want to see now is an action plan. It would be nice if he can sit down with at least six or seven journalists and analyze what specifically he wants to do. Let’s push him to that point. Nigerians will no longer accept governance by speculation. It is not enough to say that you will tar the roads, or that you will reform the prisons, no. You have to tell us how many roads are you going to tar over the next six months. In the petroleum sector, if he is going to remove fuel subsidies, then he has to tell us when and by what percentage. Journalists have to concentrate on these issues and leave politicians to face their issues in the courts.” Continue Reading…

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