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Kashim Shettima To LP & PDP: Elections are over, Sheathe your sword



Kashim Shettima To LP & PDP: Elections are over, Sheathe your sword

According to reports, Vice President-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima, APC, Borno Central has announced that now that the 25th February 2023 Presidential poll is over. Continue Reading>>>

The moment has come for the Stakeholders in the opposition and even the disappointed ones in the ruling party to sheathe their sword and support the President-elect, Senator Bola Tinubu in building a virile nation.

The report has it that Shettima specifically called on the opposition political parties, the Peoples Democratic Party and Labour Party among others, to sheathe their sword and unite with the forthcoming government of the All Progressives Congress to work for the excellence of the country.

In the report, talking to newsmen yesterday in Abuja after his short presentation at the Senate plenary, Shettima described the success of President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and himself as a Nigerian ticket and promised that the government would work for the stability, unity, and growth of the nation.

“Be convinced that our team will work diligently to catapult the nation to a greater pedestal. We urge all of us to be on board. This is an achievement for the whole of Nigeria. Continue Reading>>>

There is no vanquished and no champion in this contest.

“It is a triumph for the Nigerian ticket and we will work for the improvement, unity, and stability of our nation.

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