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Melaye Increases Donation to Kogi Indigenes: My Sons’ Gift of N15m Enhanced with N5m, Totaling N20m



Melaye Increases Donation to Kogi Indigenes: My Sons' Gift of N15m Enhanced with N5m, Totaling N20m

Former Senator Dino Melaye, the gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the upcoming election in Kogi State, recently attended a public function in Ijumu Local Government Area. During the event, he made a substantial donation that garnered attention. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

Addressing the gathering, Melaye expressed his connection to the Ekirin-Adde community, stating that his three sons hail from there. He announced a donation of fifteen million naira (N15m), adding that he would contribute an additional five million naira (N5m), making it a total of twenty million naira (N20m). He also mentioned that his brother, though absent from the occasion, would donate an extra one million naira to the existing amount.

Emphasizing his commitment to community development, Melaye stated that the donated funds would be promptly transferred to the community’s account for use in advancing the growth of the land. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

As the Ariwajoye of Ekirin-Adde, Melaye concluded his remarks by assuring Kogi indigenes residing in Ekirin-Adde that, if elected as the state’s next Governor, he would strive to facilitate extensive development across all regions of the state.

To watch the full video, CLICK Here (first 4 minutes).

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