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Oluwo said There must be the death penalty for kidnappers



The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi has recommended the death penalty as punishment for banditry, corruption and insurgency.

Oluwo in Iwo on Tuesday said such crimes form the foundation of Nigeria’s problems while stressing that killing corrupt people will rid the nation of bad eggs.

Oluwo during the farmer, herder summit which was organised to discuss solutions to Nigeria’s security challenges said, “there must be the death penalty for kidnappers and no Human Rights advocate should kick against that. Government must begin to kill corrupt people irrespective of their ethnicity, be it Fulani Hausa, Yoruba or any tribe.

“If the security forces cannot enforce the law, then there would be anarchy, ritualists, corrupt people, kidnappers should be killed henceforth.

The monarch while contributing to solving the herder/farmers crisis, urged the Fulanis who live in Iwo to work with constituted authority and traditional rulers to identify criminals penetrating their ranks.

He said, “I want you to work with me to identify criminals penetrating your ranks so that I would not join those who are calling for your expulsion in the Southwest.

“You would chase the criminals always by working with the chiefs, and security agencies. I still stand by my words that Fulani should come and stay in Iwo, but I don’t want criminals because we can’t identify with them.”

The monarch also called for the recruitment of more policemen, community policing, granting of constitutional roles to traditional rulers and devolution of powers concentrated at the centre.

“Security challenges would be significantly solved if the government gives traditional rulers constitutional power. I also prefer devolution of power, not restructuring. Then we also need State Police.

“Government must recruit more policemen. Nigeria must become a police state,” Oluwo stated.

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