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Peter Obi: Tinubu Is The First Candidate To Be Declared Winner Of Nigerian Presidential Election Without Winning 25 percent In FCT



Peter Obi and Bola Tinubu

Presidential Candidate Of LP, Peter Obi, asserts that Tinubu is the only person to have been elected president since 1999 without receiving the required 25 percent of the vote in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)……CONTINUE READING

Don’t Forget that Peter Obi has already filed a petition against the president-elect Tinubu, claiming that Tinubu had lost the election because he had not received the minimum number of votes in the FCT necessary to be proclaimed the winner as required by law.

In response to a recent plea by INEC for the election tribunal to reject his complaint, Obi contended that the announcement of Tinubu as the election’s winner was erroneous in an effort to strengthen his petition.

The second responder is actually the first contender to have been proclaimed the victor of the presidential election since 1999 without receiving 25% of the votes cast in the FCT, according to the first respondent’s track record.

“The unlawful return/declaration of the 2nd Respondent as the winner of the Presidential Election in the hurried circumstances that characterized the said return/declaration is manifestly unconstitutional. CONTINUE READING…

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