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There Are Rumors That Tinubu May Embarked On Another Medical Trip – Nya Etok



There Are Rumors That Tinubu May Embarked On Another Medical Trip - Nya Etok

With all the controversy surrounding Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent trip to Europe to meet with international investors, it’s surprising that he managed to get anything done there. Continue Reading>>>

Ezekiel Nya-Etok, a prominent Nigerian statesman and a candidate for the ADC governorship, has made allegations that Bola Tinubu may have left for another medical trip.

Nya-Etok made this claim during an interview a few hours ago on Plus TV Africa.

During the interview, Nya-Etok was quoted as saying, “Only a very irresponsible investor will engage someone who has not been sworn in as president.”

The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the legitimacy of the newly elected president. It’s possible that such a financier is an opportunist.

An honest investor will tell you to wait until you’re sworn in as president before making any decisions.

Nya-Etok elaborated, saying, “Even if the court may oust the person later, he still has the authority to decide on issues until then after swearing in.”

I wish I could jokingly say I told you so when you heard he was taking off on yet another medical trip. But if he becomes president, it will affect me as well. Continue Reading>>>

God willing, he’ll be able to keep working in Nigeria for a long time.

The full video of his interview is available by clicking the link below.

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