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Tinubu: I am the best man to lead Nigeria



Tinubu: I am the best man to lead Nigeria

Bola Tinubu has urged undecided Nigerians to vote for him in 2023 because he is the best to lead the nation.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate made the comment in a recent interview with Channels Television.

He said: “I want to hurry them (undecided Nigerians) and I appeal to them to get their PVC ready and vote for me. I am not campaigning for any other person but for myself and my party. “That is what I want. If you have not made up your mind, please, do so!”

Tinubu also promised to tackle the security situation heads on, so that Nigeria can also effectively provide security support for its neighboring nations.

He noted, “The challenges which have manifested themselves with regard to our national and regional development and security trajectories are very well-known to all of us here: radical extremist violence, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, human trafficking, trafficking in weapons, trafficking in drugs, climate change, and resource-driven conflicts etc. Mostly manifesting initially as national problems, these challenges evolved over time into trans-border and multinational challenges.

“We see the thousands of people who have been internally displaced at home or forced into refugee camps abroad. With farming activities disrupted, we have seen shortages of basic food items and food price inflation that are further undermining human security.

“To respond meaningfully to the discontents and to redress the many dislocations arising from them, we must begin by reminding ourselves of that old dictum: Foreign policy is but a continuation of domestic policy.

“As a first step, we must recalibrate domestic policy in order to revamp the foundation on which our quest to pursue human security rests.”

The former Lagos State governor reiterated that effective energy generation and distribution will help build the economy of the nation, promising to improve the framework already in place to boost the generation and distribution of energy across the country.

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