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TUC tells Tinubu to import food and forget national pride



TUC tells Tinubu to import food and forget national pride

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria has urged the administration led by President Bola Tinubu to set aside national pride and initiate the importation of food to alleviate the soaring prices of food commodities in the country.

The  President of  TUC, Festus Osifo,  said this during a press conference on Monday in Abuja.

Osifo said the hardship currently experienced by Nigerians  was unprecedented, and he blamed this on this leadership of the country

“Nigerians must live to see tomorrow before we can understand how beautiful a government policy is. The national pride of striving to achieve food sufficiency locally should be temporarily relaxed. Governments at all levels should immediately purchase sufficient quantities of food items from different parts of the world and share them with vulnerable Nigerians.

“Importing food abroad at this point will assist to reduce the hyper-inflation of food in the country. FG should allow importation of food items for Nigerians consumption within the next two weeks,” he said.