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Video: African Soldier dares live bullets from AK 47 with his mouth



An African soldier has demonstrated that his mouth can be a receptor of live bullets, even from AK 47, without causing him any harm.

In a 30 second video shared by Defence News Nigeria, the unidentified soldier, said to a South Sudanese soldier is seen firing two bullets into his mouth.PauseUnmuteLoaded: 100.00%Fullscreen

He first of all does it with an AK 47 and fires the gun into his agape mouth.

The soldier calmly receives the expended bullet and spits it out.

Then he fires from a pistol.

Despite lethal fire accompanying the shot, the soldier takes the bullet in his mouth.

He spits it out again.

“If this doesn’t scare the crap out of you, I promise you nothing else can”, tweeted Defense News Nigeria on Thursday night.Video Player

*Correction made: the soldier is said to be a South Sudanese soldier, not Nigerian

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