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Wizkid surprises fans with lavish gesture during link up with Shallipopi



Wizkid surprises fans with lavish gesture during link up with Shallipopi

Nigerian international star, Wizkid, has made headlines recently for an unexpected display of generosity during a casual encounter with his junior colleague, Shallipopi.

In a video that surfaced today, February 6, 2024, shared by Shallipopi on his Instagram page, the duo’s playful banter caught the attention of fans. Shallipopi affectionately teased Wizkid, referring to him as “his new babe,” prompting smiles from the renowned artist.

During their interaction, Wizkid proudly showcased a designer wristwatch to Shallipopi’s amusement, sparking curiosity about its worth. However, Wizkid’s response took everyone by surprise.

I actually can’t remember how much I got it, you can have it if you want,” Wizkid casually remarked, demonstrating his nonchalant attitude towards material possessions.

As the video circulated online, it was revealed that Wizkid’s wristwatch was a Patek Philippe 5719-10G-010 Nautilus Self-Winding model, valued at a staggering $840,000 (over N1 billion).

The spontaneous act of generosity by Wizkid not only captured the attention of fans but also provided a rare glimpse into the artist’s lifestyle, known for his penchant for privacy regarding his acquisitions and their worth.

The video quickly went viral, with fans lauding Wizkid for his down-to-earth demeanor and extravagant gesture towards his colleague. Wizkid’s actions further cemented his status as one of Nigeria’s most beloved and influential music icons, admired not only for his musical talent but also for his generosity and humility.