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APC Vs PDP: There Is A Greater Fish That Awaits Tinubu’s Removal After 6 Months – Daniel Bwala



APC Vs PDP: There Is A Greater Fish That Awaits Tinubu's Removal After 6 Months - Daniel Bwala

The spokesperson for Atiku Abubakar, Daniel Bwala, lately revealed in an internet interview with AIT News that there’s a plan in place to remove Bola Tinubu from office as soon as he’s inaugurated as Nigeria’s President. Continue Reading…

In line with Bwala, Atiku Abubakar had won over Tinubu by over 300,000 votes in the PDP’s authentic count, yet Tinubu will still be inaugurated as President.

Bwala clarified that his party does not want to destroy the institution of State, and that they believe Tinubu should be sworn in as President.

They feel that for the six months Tinubu will hold the position, Nigerians will be able to determine if he has the support of the people. However, Bwala hinted that a bigger plan is in the works to remove Tinubu from office after six months.

Hear him: “The truth of the matter is that we don’t want a destruction of the institution of State. That is why we believe that between now and when the decision of the court will be granted, there will be swearing-in of Tinubu.

The 6 months that he will be President, Nigerians will have the chance to see if these people have the legitimacy of the people. Just a hint, there is a bigger fish that awaits Tinubu’s removal after 6 months”.

It is important to note that Bwala did not provide any concrete evidence to support his claim of a plot to remove Tinubu. Continue Reading…

However, his statement implies that there may be political unrest in the near future as different factions compete for power.

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