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Apostle Joshua Selman outlines his revelation from God regarding the 2023 elections while praying for Nigeria



God has continued to communicate with His people via visions and prophesies even while INEC continues to announce the official election results for 2023. In this context, Eternity Network International’s Apostle Joshua Selman revealed a message he allegedly heard from the Lord while praying for Nigeria.

In the video (3:51:49), the apostle Joshua Selman states the following……. Continue Reading

“I think it was while I was preparing to visit a brother in Lagos that I took time to pray over Nigeria, and I got a prophet word. This was what the Lord told me, Psalm 76:10.

“Psalm 76:10 says, surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain. This was not the first time I saw this scripture but why will God refer me to that verse over Nigeria. I don’t know what it means but wrath is not a good thing and it should not be desired for whatsoever”.

He continued by urging Nigerians to pray for the Supreme Court, law enforcement organizations, and INEC. He believes that these three institutions are essential for Nigeria to experience real democracy. But at his conclusion, he said,

“Every evil agent trying to work against God’s purpose for Nigeria, let them fail”……. Continue Reading

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