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BREAKING: APC Have The Mentality Of Thinking That All Obidients In Lagos Are Igbo – Jimi Disu



Veteran journalist and political analyst Jimi Disu has spoken out about the development amid ongoing public reactions following the victory of the Labour Party (LP) flag bearer, Peter Gregory Obi, over Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos following Saturday’s presidential elections. CONTINUE READING

Remember that after results from polling places dispersed across 20 Local Government Areas in Lagos were tallied, Obi was declared the winner in the state after receiving a total of 575,735 votes. With 573,001 votes cast, Tinubu finished a close second.

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In an interview on Nigeria Info FM’s “Dailies Today” show on Tuesday morning, Disu discussed the Labour Party’s triumph and suggested that Tinubu’s team in Lagos erred by presuming that the only people who support Obi in the state are Igbos.

Also, the seasoned journalist contended that the current governor in Lagos would have to deviate from the APC’s strategy in the state before the upcoming March 11 gubernatorial election or risk having the same result on the ballots.

He stated, “I believe that outcomes like these give us a sense of what is actually taking place in Lagos. If I were Sanwo-Olu, I would take a step back and analyze the vote trends in the state’s recently finished presidential election. The APC erred by assuming that all Obidients were Igbo. That was a terrible mistake on their part.

If the same APC members and others voted for Femi Gbajabiamila at his polling place, why did Obi defeat Tinubu there? is one question the APC needs to ask. That should demonstrate to you how perceptive the average Nigerian is, and how you shouldn’t take them for granted. Moreover, don’t consider your praise singers to be your finest advisors. Your detractors are your finest advisers.

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