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BREAKING: Datti Baba-Ahmed Reveals The Evidence Labour Party Has On Election Rigging



CNN conducted an interview with Datti Baba-Ahmed. whereby he responded to certain queries.

The argument made by Labour in its court filing is that they have proof of vote manipulation. Which proof do you have?

Datti said, “The direct transfer of results from the polling place, which is expressly permitted by law and INEC guidelines but was not carried out, is one of the evidences.

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“The aggregation of results from the ward unit to the National Center was not verified as authentic, which brings us to our next piece of evidence.

“These are important pieces of proof, and I beg to add that elections involve voting, transmission, collation, and declaration in line with the law. On Saturday, we observed that everything else fell apart following the vote and was taken over by someone other than the INEC.

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