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BREAKING: Obi obtained over one million votes in Lagos, however INEC manipulated the entire outcomes, according to Pa Ayo Adebanjo



Pa Ayo Adebanjo, the leader of the Afenifere Soco-cultural organization, claims that Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, received more over 1 million votes in Lagos state during the recently held election.

Pa Adebanjo claimed that they have all the proof to support all of these accusations in front of the Supreme Court in an interview with Arise Tv News……. Continue Reading

He criticized INEC for failing to adhere to the rules established prior to the poll. According to him, the commission violated the agreement they made with the political parties prior to the 25th’s presidential election.

He drew attention to the fact that INEC had been reticent to publish results that had been collected at polling places on their server throughout the election.

He remarked,

”The whole electoral process was a game plan, it’s all fixed off to favour one man. The Lagos result that was released is not the real one. Obi got over 1 million votes in Lagos but INEC doctored all the results at every local government, we have the evidences. That is why they couldn’t release the results from each polling unit. And we are asking them, why were they reluctant to do that?”…… Continue Reading

Tinubu got his position through a fraudulent election, and he will be sent out soon by Pa Adebanjo.

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— preach love (@redcap_blondie) March 3, 2023

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