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BREAKING: Obi Won in Bori and Other Areas, But Different Results Were Declared – APC Rivers Spokesman



The real results of the recent presidential election in Rivers State, according to Sogbeyi Eli, spokesman for the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Those on the ground were shocked when the results didn’t match what had been recorded from the polling units, according to Eli’s AIT letter……. Continue Reading

He provided specific instances of areas in Rivers State where the outcomes didn’t match predictions, like as Bori, where the labor party easily won.

As he stated,

Even the APC spokesperson in Rivers State has acknowledged that the LP won in Rivers. APC means corruption, & their time is up. This will be the last time they engage in corrupt activities bcos we are about to retire them.#RejectTinubu The Blacklist Akwa Ibom Tacha Peter Mbah

— preach love (@redcap_blondie) March 4, 2023

“The outcome in Rivers State has raised questions among the public. Those participating on the field predicted the outcome, which was different from what was declared. In Bori and elsewhere, the labor party seemed to win, but what was the final tally? In this scenario, Wike’s candidate for the House of Representatives, Asiwaju, has already been announced under the assumption that Wike will support him.”…… Continue Reading

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