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BREAKING: Sheikh Gumi prophesies that if INEC doesn’t uphold the reality, Nigeria will expertise political instability



Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, a well-known Islamic scholar from the North, has at last spoken about the just finished 2023 presidential election and responded to allegations of fraud and manipulation made by numerous Nigerians and foreign observers in the course of the voting process.

The Islamic Scholar encouraged INEC to do the right thing by posting the validated polling unit results straight to their server in order to represent the truth in his response to the election’s conduct via his social media platform……. Continue Reading

He claims that

“reverting to the truth is better than persisting in falsehood.” I clearly hope that this time, INEC will uphold the truth, unlike what happened in 2019. The legitimacy of a government can only be acquired when the election process is free and credible, but when such is not in place, political turmoil and political instability might emanate and lead to chaos in the nation.”

It is not only your legacy that is at stake as an academic, but it is crucial to know that the credibility of the results is acceptable by some standard, the people are negatively reacting, some international observers are also complaining, and please save the nation because wider interests are involved.”

Yet, he exhorted the parties who had been wronged to maintain their peace and cultivate the practice of settling conflicts through legal ways.

Distinguished readers, What do you make of Sheikh Gumi’s remarks? Please express your ideas and comments on this topic……. Continue Reading

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