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Election 2023: Prophet Jeremiah Reveals What God Showed Him Will Happen In Nigeria If The Church Don’t Rise



Just three months into the year 2023, numerous events have occurred in Nigeria with 2023 elections dominating the major part of the news. Despite all of these, God has not ceased from sending messages of future events to His people.

In this light, the Senior Pastor of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto has revealed a message he claimed to have received from the Lord about what will happen in Nigeria in the remaining part of the year 2023, if the church don’t rise…..Continue Reading 

The man of God while calling on Christians to wake up & pray for the nation said from the video (1:51): “We need to pray for our country. This is because what is going on in the realm of the spirit is not something that we should overlook. If we fold our hands, we will have no country. I saw destruction and hunger in the revelation”.

Speaking further, he accused Nigerian leaders of poor leadership policies. “Our leaders are the problem of the country now”, the Prophet alleged.

He concluded praying, “Nigeria is our country, therefore, let there be peace. Whatever evil plots they are having against Nigeria, Lord destroy them. Don’t look at our sins and judge us, have mercy on us Lord. Whatever evil plots the enemies have to cause hunger & destruction, oh Lord, surprise them”.

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