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Federal Government started a nationwide registration for unemployed Nigerians: NDE



Federal Government has started a nationwide registration for unemployed Nigerians: NDE

The National Directorate of Employment (NDE) has started the process of registering all jobless Nigerians in order to put them in constructive endeavors. CONTINUE READING…

Ifeoma Ezekwe, the Enugu coordinator agency’s said this in an interview on Friday in Enugu. Ms Ezekwe stated that the operation was taking place in all 36 states, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

She stated that registration is taking place concurrently across the 774 local government areas and that it is open to all jobless Nigerians, with or without educational degrees.

According to her, the purpose of the exercise is to gather all jobless persons in order to assist the government with good planning and engage them in lucrative initiatives to reduce crime and improve economic growth.

“The country cannot plan without data; data is critical in planning, and NDE has been in the business of reducing the number of unemployed people since 1987, making them employers of labor and self-employed.” CONTINUE READING…

Ms Ezekwe described NDE’s four main programs as follows: vocational skills, small skill enterprises, rural empowerment, and special public works.

She added that the state directorate had just finished educating women in bag and shoe manufacture so that they might have a career and make some money as full-time housewives.

Stipends are offered when NDE trains citizens, according to an NDE representative.

Ms Ezekwe stated that the NDE has encountered difficulties such as shortage of money and the Central Bank of Nigeria’s currency re-designs policy. She expressed confidence in the directorate’s ability to carry out it task.

The NDE official requested. CONTINUE READING…

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