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“Give us Obi, Give Us Obi” – Watch as Nigerians in Diaspora Protest In Entrance Of Nigeria Embassy In U.K



Nigeria’s general election results release in 2023 has caused controversy both inside and outside of the nation. There have been several demonstrations following Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s election as the All Progressive Congress’ presidential candidate, notably among Nigerians living abroad.

Diaspora Nigerians congregated in front of the Nigerian Embassy in the UK to voice their displeasure with the election results. They screamed, “Give us Obi, give us Obi,” with no ambiguity. The chorus demanded that Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate, be recognized as the election’s victor by the electoral commission……. Continue Reading

Although the demonstration was peaceful, its message was very clear: Nigerians living abroad want to be heard. Despite their willingness to take part in the political process, many of them have been denied the right to vote in elections. They are requesting impartial elections that reflect the desire of the people, wherever they may be.

The Nigerian government is in charge of making sure the election is fair and transparent. Election integrity is crucial, and the results must accurately represent the will of the electorate. It is important to listen to Nigerians living abroad and to address their issues.

There is a lot of anger about the election results, as seen by the demonstration in front of the Nigerian embassy in the UK. Nigerians from all around the world are protesting what they see to be a defective and unjust procedure. To solve these issues and restore trust in the democratic process, the government must take action.

Nigeria has a long history of democratic government, and its people are justifiably proud of their capacity to take part in it. This pride is, however, muted by a mounting feeling of disappointment in the political process. The results might be disastrous if the government does not address these issues.

Nigerians living abroad demonstrated in front of the Nigerian Embassy in the UK, making a strong message about the need of free and fair elections. In order to allay Nigerians’ worries at home and abroad and restore trust in the democratic system, the government must act. Only then can Nigeria legitimately assert that it is a democratic country……. Continue Reading

“Give us Obi, give Obi” – Nigerians in diaspora protest in front of Nigeria Embassy in U.K.

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