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News Naira Notes: Reactions Trails As Market Sellers Accept Old Notes At APC Presidential Rally In Lagos



Traders at the grand finale of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential rally in Lagos are reportedly accepting the old naira notes in accordance with an order of the Supreme Court that restrained the Federal Government from banning the old naira notes. The news report was posted by the Nation Nigeria on Tuesday afternoon. CONTINUE READING...

Some of the traders, the report claims, said that this was the only way to ease the suffering of people who still had old notes in their possession. Additionally, they claimed that since the new naira notes were not readily available for transactions, they had no alternative but to keep accepting the older ones. Furthermore, pleased fans bought from the vendors that set up shop at the gathering location.

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Yet, the news title has sparked online comments, with Nigerians sharing their thoughts on the recent event on social media. For responses, scroll down.

The APC politicians are doing their absolute best to make sure they have enough cash on hand to blow on election day. Since most of these governors realize that they can’t deliver their state for their party without vote-buying, tomorrow they may announce that the old note remains a legal tender again solely for the purpose of election.

Tinubu can pull off any event he sets his mind to. If Satan wins this next Saturday, that’s how he’ll play out his presidency. He most likely gave them fresh notes to buy the stuff they were selling and used his old notes to help others buy things that should have been given away for free.

Using old naira notes during your rally is a sign of complete disdain for your president and political party.

Sokoto is a PDP stronghold, therefore you won’t be hearing much criticism of the state’s most controversial candidate, Tinubu. Yet almost immediately after APC did it, their blood pressure started rising. Don’t take your own lives, you anti-Tinubu haters, if you want to see Tinubu sworn in as Nigeria’s next president.

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