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“Obi is a boy”: Portable’s new song mocking Peter Obi goes viral, fans attack him



Afro-street pop artist Portable has sparked severe concern online over a new song he just released.

The new track, Obi is a Boy, is a rendition of recent events of the 2023 presidential election.

In the song, Portable described Peter Obi as a small boy in politics compared to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu……. Continue Reading

He also mocked him for crying on national TV while calling Jagaban (one of Tinubu’s aliases) the leader of the Yoruba nation.

The Zazoo crooner also noted that fuel and naira scarcity were all orchestrated to make Tinubu lose the presidential election.

Listen to Portable’s new single mocking Peter Obi below:

See how netizens reacted to Portable’s new song about Peter Obi


“Don’t tarnish your music career there are some things you shouldn’t do, you are an inspiration to alot of young Nigerians, learn to promote peace with your platform, people are loving you already, Don’t misuse your opportunity.”


“We go cancel you one time , everything no be cruise.”


“If dem declare Obi tomorrow portable will compose for him too this guy Sha.”


“Wise up, bro!. Entertainer no dey take sides because you don’t know where your next show is coming from.”


“But Obi gave you 50 million for endorsement Abii… May you not use your hand to destroy your grace Smh.”


“Anybody way say this thing way portable do good e no go better for that person family.”


“Where Asiwaju been de when Obi Cubana endorse you as Odogwu bitters ambassador. #50M koin . Portable, we love you but no involve yourself with politics and ethnic sentiments. Your fans cut across everywhere.”


“You’ll loose followers Omo ale…You think everything is cruise ???”


“Portable you know most of the people listening to your music are youths so used your senses don’t spoil your games.”


“Portable your mind go day no worry na today that your grace end.”

After sighting Portable’s controversial new single about Obi, gathered a subtle reaction from Davido’s aide, Special Spesh, about the new song.

Special said the singer went too far with the new single, noting that releasing a song about the Labour Party candidate losing was too early.

Read Spesh’s statement:

“No this one is too much from Portable. Trust me, this kind of thing isn’t good. Noting that the guy didn’t do anything to him. Na small small, why is he in a rush.”…… Continue Reading

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