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Six (6) Things You Should Never Tell Everyone About Yourself



Six (6) Things You Should Never Tell Everyone About Yourself

I have come to realize that some of the problems we are facing in life all started from, sharing too much information with others, which came back to hurt us. CONTINUE READING….

If you want to live a fulfilled life, here are six things I think, you should never tell people:

1. Your deepest fears and insecurities: These are private matters that should only be shared with someone you trust completely. Telling others can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed.

2. Your financial situation: Money can be a touchy subject, and discussing your finances with others can lead to jealousy, judgment, and unwanted advice. CONTINUE READING….

3. Your romantic problems: While it’s important to have a support system, airing your romantic problems to everyone can lead to unwanted opinions and gossip.

4. Your personal goals: Keep your personal goals to yourself until you have achieved them. Sharing them prematurely can lead to discouragement and criticism.

5. Your negative opinions about others: Speaking negatively about others only reflects poorly on yourself. Instead, focus on positivity and building others up.

6. Your past mistakes and regrets: Your past mistakes do not define you, and sharing them can lead to unnecessary shame and judgment. Focus on learning from them and moving forward.

Remember, that Trust is a precious gift that should be given with caution, and not everyone deserves access to the sacred spaces of our hearts and minds.

To live a fulfilled life, we must learn to discern those who are worthy of our trust, from those who only seek to betray it. CONTINUE READING….

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