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Things that reduce your desire for sex



Every mature individual does experience the urge to engage in intimate activity. However, for certain reasons some persons make lack the desire or have a low urge to have intercourse.

Things that reduce your desire for sex

According to MedicineNet, some of the reasons for low desire in having intercourse are:

1. Obesity.

Obesity can limit desire because of decreased intercourse enjoyment, lack of performance, and poor self-esteem. How you feel about yourself goes a long way to affect how you enjoy intercourse. Counseling may offer great assistance.

2. Medication.

The negative effects of many medications prescribed can involve low intercourse drive. Some of the medications are:

• High blood pressure medications such as water pills and beta blockers.

• Cold medications that have antihistamines and decongestants.


Birth control pills.

Narcotic pain pills.

Chemotherapy drugs.

If this is the trigger, your doctor may be able to recommend a medication alternative that might have fewer negative effects.

3. Stress.

The body does not respond well to stress. Emotional stress may affect physical function, such as intercourse desire, and performance. Knowing that underlying stressors may exist is the first step in treatment. Self-help may be effective but some people may require to visit a counselor or a doctor. 

4. Partner Conflict.

Intercourse desire needs two to tango. Both partners require to feel connected and women especially require the feeling of being close. Poor communication, a sense of betrayal, lack of trust, and constant fighting and criticism may lead to a relationship that lacks closeness and intimacy. Counseling may be an effective tip if couples find that the issues are too hard to tackle on their own.

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