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Fears As Suspected Cultists Murdered A Man And Cut Off His Left Leg In Sango



Fears As Suspected Cultists Murdered A Man And Cut Off His Left Leg In Sango

Residents of Gasline area, Sango have been enveloped in palpable fear and tension following the gruesome murder of one man but group of guys suspected to be cultists. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

The deceased was killed on Monday Afternoon at Gasline Area in Sango, Ogun State.

Though, as at the time of filing the report, the full identity of the deceased is unknown but investigation by our correspondent revealed that he was a father of three with a wife.

Eyewitness revealed that he was hacked down in a cold blooded manner by the unscrupulous guys that also amputated his left leg and took it away with them without mercy. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

According to an eyewitness who spoke to Nigerian NewsDirect under the condition of anonymity, the deceased before his death was a gentle young man married with a wife and three kids and also a law abiding citizen.

In his words, “He is someone that comes around once in a while, he never quarrel with anyone in the environment.

“He is never known as a troublemaker. And all of the sudden, we saw some guys in black while on bikes riding down to Zakatu street and news broke that they’ve butchered him. What a pity!”

Also, a fashion designer who owns a shop at the entrance of a nearby street where the incident happened said that it was his caucus that came to weigh on him in a cold blooded manner.

She revealed that the deceased came to her shop on Monday, saying that he sent someone to buy him food to eat at popular Obelawo Food Canteen in and thereafter she even messed him in a friendly manner.

In the same vein, a food vendor said, “I was sitting in front of my shop when some guys came down to the street on bikes but believing they are police and on getting down, they asked him to undress, he was left with a pant and to my notice, I began to hear some hits of flat sides of their machetes from there.

“When i ran down there to plead for his life to be spared, I was chased back immediately with machetes by others from there and at that time, everywhere was silent, shopskeepers around the place began to lock their shops and run for their lives.

“So it was after they left that people gathered there to see his lifeless body lying flat in his pool of blood while his left leg was severed and they went away with it.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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