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BBNaija’s Khafi given final warning by London Metropolitan Police



BBNaija's Khafi given final warning by London Metropolitan Police

fame as a Big Brother Nigeria participant, has been given a final written warning by the service.

The service said she took part in the show without permission, SkyNews reported Saturday.

PC Khafilat Kareem requested unpaid leave to feature on the reality TV show in June 2019, but was told by the force it was “not in the best interest for either her or the Metropolitan Police Service to take part”.

Despite this, the officer appeared on the show in July 2019 and handed over her work laptop – which she had taken with her without permission – to the programme’s organisers.

She entered the Big Brother house in Lagos and lasted 77 days before being evicted, according to reports.

A misconduct hearing panel ruled that PC Kareem had breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct”, the Met Police said.

The panel found that gross misconduct was proven and PC Kareem should be given a final written warning.

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Day said: “Permission was refused for PC Kareem to appear on the Nigerian version of Big Brother as it was felt it was not in the best interest for either her or the Metropolitan Police Service to take part.

“Despite this refusal, she went on the show anyway.

“A detailed investigation was carried out by the Met’s directorate of professional standards which concluded PC Kareem should face gross misconduct proceedings.

“Being a police officer means you must abide by the standards of professional behaviour. PC Kareem’s behaviour clearly fell far short and she has been given a final written warning.”

According to reports, PC Kareem joined the Met Police as a PC based at Lambeth station in 2015, having worked part-time as a special constable for four years.

At the time she appeared on Nigeria’s Big Brother, the show’s website said the officer wanted “the exposure that being in Big Brother Naija House brings so that she can do societal good”.

She told the show she is “secretly talented in spoken word, singing and dancing”.

Fans of the show were particularly taken with her romance with fellow contestant Ekpata Gedoni.

The two had since consummated their romance and are blessed with a boy, named Malakai.

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