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Burna Boy: “My Career Inspires Collaborations with African Artists”



Burna Boy: "My Career Inspires Collaborations with African Artists"

He is an “African Giant”- Vincent Desmond

Burna Boy has undoubtedly cemented his status as one of the foremost musicians on the global stage. His influence transcends mere chart-topping successes and accolades. He epitomizes a new wave of African artists reshaping the international perception of African music and culture.

The African Gaint had an interview with Vincent Desmond of the Financial Times. Burna Boy spoke about all the impact he has made so far in the music industry, on Africa and what are the next steps for him. The Grammy Award winner said that he is proud to have been the catalyst for African-artist collaboration. The 10-time Grammy Award Nominee has partnered with Phyno, Angelique Kidjo, Wizkid, Black Sherif, and Youssou N’Dour.

He said, “I am particularly proud of how my career has encouraged collaborations between African artists across generations. This unity has not only elevated individual careers, but has also given rise to a collective African music movement that’s impossible to ignore“. Amidst the fast-paced international collaborations, Burna Boy wants to continue fostering collaborations between African artists.

Burna Boy recently became the first African artist to perform at the 66th Grammy Awards. However, he and other Nigerian artists lost all nominations. “I foresee a future where cross-pollination of styles will result in groundbreaking fusions, which defy traditional musical boundaries”, he says. Burna Boy envisions a future where different musical styles will blend in innovative ways, creating new and groundbreaking combinations that go beyond traditional genre boundaries.