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“Shatta Wale ft Beyoncé Was Ghanaians’ Last God-Given Chance,” Says Shatta Wale



"Shatta Wale ft Beyoncé Was Ghanaians' Last God-Given Chance," Says Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, the Ghanaian artist, suggests that his collaboration with Beyoncé represented the final opportunity for Ghana’s music industry.

Ghanaian dancehall sensation Shatta Wale emphasized that his collaboration with American singer Beyoncé on the track Already represented Ghana’s final opportunity to achieve global recognition. In an interview with Jay Foley on 3Music TV, he discussed various topics, including his decision not to release his highly anticipated album GOG. Shatta Wale asserted that he had the sole chance to elevate Ghana’s presence internationally, but lamented the lack of support he received.

He also criticized the discrepancy between Ghana’s music awards and Nigeria’s, noting Nigeria’s superior infrastructure, which includes sending award winners to luxurious destinations like Dubai. At the same time, Ghana only presents plaques to its winners. Additionally, Shatta Wale said that many people are wishing for the rapper Sarkodie to collaborate with Jay-Z. Such ambitions have yet to materialize.

He said “I pray Jay-Z does it for him before this world spoils because everyone in the industry that is their wish for him. God gave us that last shot. We want change in the music industry. We need to go international”.

In addition to his thoughts on the Ghanaian music industry, the artist also revealed why his and Burna Boy’s friendship turned sour. According to him, Burna Boy questioned his source of income and assets. Additionally, Shatta Wale alleged that Burna Boy harbored suspicions about his behavior with a girlfriend, purportedly fueled by false allegations from a former employee who was dismissed from Shatta Wale’s team.