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If You Don’t Want To Remember Your Childhood Experiences, Please Don’t View These Pictures



It was in a certain book on the meditation contemplations and motivations of The Mega Icon’s “Daddy And I” that I first ran into these words on while the young live on hope, the old live on remembrance. It is equally true that life is transient and there is technically nothing you can do to relive those moments. Hence, a song writer advised, note the moments and make them last forever. Interestingly, the only way you can achieve this is to hold them down as memories, create systems that take you down that lane every once in a while.

We operated in a time where we developed our games and toys ourselves with almost nothing. With very little or no supervision, we rocked our childhood and had the privilege of making it a memorable one. We played, we toiled, we watched our lives advance and we witnessed situations move from the sublime to the ridiculous. 

I don’t know about you but in this article, TechLord notes that a few things may have caught our fancy and made the figments of our imagination cringe while growing up. Somehow they now fill us with a sense of sober reflection and feelings of nostalgia. It may have been the books we read, the movies we saw, the songs that we sang, the dance steps we gave into, the places we visited, the schools we attended, the glorious days of Super Eagles, the games we played, things we ate, fashion styles that trended, the household items we used, traveling to the village on festive periods, it could just have been anything. But whichever it is, it gave us a sense of identity and those moments we now hold so dear (I’m getting emotional already

Household items we used back in the days

Great inventions which show we were potential great scientists and could have changed the world around us. 

Indomie Generations brag about processed food, carbonated drinks, flavoured beverages, microwaved pizza, cupcakes, shawarma and those things I don’t know how they taste (please don’t mind me) but in our time, these delicacies were the way forward

Advertorials had a touch of sensational finesse which always made you to chant their punchlines every now and again

Our family and friends had good fashion sense that came with both modesty and moderation. It is not today that we are already neck deep into nudity in the name of fashion. May God help us. 

Time was when Queen Elizabeth honoured our Independence Day with her presence, Indomie Generations only read this part in history books but we were there live and direct (please don’t ask me if I had been born by then). 

We had remarkable ways of unwinding, our recreation time was topnotch while festive periods meant more for us. We played games and came back very dirty as heroes. We were peaceful, communal living was cherished without suspicious, we ate from one pot, we slept in each others houses, we had a lifestyle (Indomie Generations are murmuring right now). I make bold to stand by these claims and voice them without fear of grammatical blunder, our generation was a touchdown, ours was the best amongst equals. 

We had a remarkable childhood (Indomie Generations please avoid me right now, I can bite). Ours was legendary, ours was unique and genuinely defined the basics of our foundation. Although we never had it so good but they say form is temporary, class is permanent. In the moments that were; we had joy, we had fun and we had seasons in the sun (apologies to Terry Jacks). This was our album, and it was at the heart and circumference of where we operated from. 

Admittedly though, I still brood over those days of stimulating necessities. Even in such a time as this, I hate to acknowledge the fact that I can’t have those back. 

I guess you had fun checking these out. Feel free to share your wonderful moments here. 


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