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Jae5 Shares Reasons for Wanting to Collaborate Further with Portable



Jae5 Shares Reasons for Wanting to Collaborate Further with Portable

British Producer Jae5, Recognized for Collaborations with Artists Such as J Hus and Aitch, Expresses Interest in Further Collaboration with Nigerian Artist Portable

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Jae5 wrote: “I need to make some more music with Portable asap. His delivery is very unique!!!” Portable, known for his energetic and often controversial performances, has gained noteworthy attention in recent weeks. His distinctive style and personality have resonated with a wide audience, both in Nigeria and internationally.

Jae5’s tweet has sparked excitement among fans, who are eager to hear the results of a follow-up collaboration between the two artists. Their previous work together, the song Tony Montana which was released days ago has been praised for its infectious energy and fusion of Afrobeats and British rap styles.

Tony Montana has ranked on a UK singles chart and also garnered over 1 million views in under 5 days of the music video release on YouTube. The endorsement by Jae5 is especially significant following the rumors that Skepta plans to give all the proceeds from the song to Portable.

Whether a new collaboration is truly in the works remains to be seen. However, Jae5’s public endorsement has undoubtedly brought further attention to Portable and his unique musical technique.