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Lady Donli Applauds Shallipopi & Odumodublvck’s Tour, Reacts to Victony’s Branding



Lady Donli Applauds Shallipopi & Odumodublvck's Tour, Reacts to Victony's Branding

Since March 5, 2024, Pan African Rockstar Lady Donli has been igniting discussions on Twitter, sparking conversations within the music industry with a series of thought-provoking tweets centered around Odumodublvck, Shalipoppi, and Victory.

The Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Lady Donli, took to Twitter yesterday to praise rising star Victony, commending his dedication to artistic branding. “Victony is one of my favourite artistes,” Donli wrote. “I love how intentional he is about his branding – from his visual identity to the experiences he provides for his fans. Can’t wait to see how he evolves as an artiste. 10/10.”

Donli’s endorsement comes alongside a retweet of her post from May 29th, 2023, stating, “I need more artistes to go on tour together.” This sentiment is further echoed in her latest tweet, where she highlights the collaborative tour model adopted by upcoming artists Shallipopi and Odumodublvck.

“The future of touring should be this – joint tours,” Donli enthused. “Especially for indie artistes. Community & collaboration over ‘Na me go first reach the top’ [It’s me who will reach the top first].”

Donli’s praise for Victony’s branding and her advocacy for collaborative touring models have sparked discussions among fans and professionals. Many have expressed their agreement with Donli’s views, highlighting the importance of strategic branding and collaborative efforts in the music industry.

But Donli’s mark goes beyond highlighting the talent of Victony and speaking on creative touring models. In another tweet, she offered a more personal reflection, stating: “Constantly asking myself what parts of myself I have to compromise for success is exhausting.” This introspective thought echoed with many followers, stirring discussions about authenticity and the pressures faced by artists in a demanding industry.

As a founding member of The Lagos Panic, a musical band, as well as one of the few independent artists, Lady Donli’s recognition of the new trends stems from an increase in the number of Independent artists in the Afrobeats space. It also stems from the increase in recognition of indie artists like Lady Donli, Show Them Camp, and Obongjayar.