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Nollywood actress Ifemeludike: I slept with Apostle Suleman twice



Suleman 2

Ifemeludike and Suleman

Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has alleged that Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries International, slept with her in a hotel in Ikeja, Lagos.

There have been many allegations against Suleman, with all of them having no substance. Those who made the allegations have always come back to apologise.

But Ifemeludike, in an Instagram video she termed confession, said “Dear @lyndaclems, I have to tell the world about that hookup you arrange between @johnson_suleman_official and myself on the 20th November 2016 in a hotel at Ikeja, the apostle secretly gave me his number and we had a second meeting at oriental hotels Lagos.

“I’m sorry my conscience can’t hold it anymore. I encourage you to tell the truth as a mother and a Christian, to put the devil to shame and save millions of souls being misled…

“To my family and friends, I am sorry, don’t judge me 🙏🏾 please pray for me so the light of 🌕 God will continue to expose every works of darkness in my life and the church of God…”

The confession video has elicited mixed reactions from Instagram users.

A user with the name Babarex said “Dear @ifemeludike_ this is not my business. But hey let me drop dis. This video makes no sense to me. You would have asked God for forgiveness and move on. Why will u mention names. You are trying to free your spirit and heart. do you know the damage this video will cause. ..? d mentioned names are married and have moved on.

“Since 2016 ? Damn. Why don’t u mention all d men u have slept with and ask for forgiveness ? Do u know some men u have slept with are not born again ? Did they call u out ? Social media is dangerous and won’t forget this post. If he slept with u 2016. From that time till now do u know his understanding with God ? Who confesses his or her sin on social media ? Who are u confessing to now ? I guess u want this to trend .. I pray it trends o so u will be happy. U slept with him without knowing he is a pastor so why is ur heart disturbing u? Since 2016 ooo. Mennnnn dis ur matter ennn.

“I am not supporting evil or anything. But sometimes we do the right things at the wrong time and place. This video makes no sense I repeat .. and I feel this is the wrongest move u have ever made. I use to see how vibrant and dedicated u are about things that matters to the society and I appreciate u fr that. .. but this one. Nahhhhhh. Don’t u know U can even make dis video, confess without mentioning names .. Anyway Watin I sabi .. na to Dey say hellooo I know .. enjoy.”

As for Petite.jennie, “Thank God for the courage of speaking up. We humans make mistakes in life. You’re blessed😍

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