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Regina Daniel Discuss and Bring up Jaruma’s Detention



Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has finally opened up on the ongoing drama involving herself, her husband, Ned Nwoko, and, Jaruma, a popular sex therapist who sells an aphrodisiac called kayanmata.

Regina had disowned Jaruma for claiming that she used one of her products to keep Nwoko as her husband.

But Jaruma had hit back at the actress and alleged non-delivery on an advertisement job for which she claimed to have paid her the sum of N10 million.

Jaruma also went ahead to accuse Nwoko of benefiting from her product, a claim which the politician denied.

The businessman, later accused Jaruma of publishing falsehoods on her Instagram page against him and Regina, resulting in her arrest by the police.

Jaruma had been remanded in prison custody since Tuesday after she was arrested and arraigned in court for defamation.

Reacting to the developments on her Instagram, Regina dismissed Jaruma’s claim that she failed to deliver an advert she paid her for.

The film star said she delivered on the job based on various discussions, but she only declined some terms she considered deceptive from the entrepreneur.

Daniels distanced herself from Jaruma, insisting that she has no business with the popular vendor.

“I’m writing this because I feel y’all deserve an explanation to the general misrepresentation going around me being paid for a job and was not able to deliver. The fact is that I delivered on the job based on our various discussions,” she wrote.

“She was to provide contents and I was simply to post on my page. She sent me a draft agreement which I declined to sign because I found some of the terms deceitful but she insisted we proceed on my own terms. Miss jaruma also came up with different content ideas that were not acceptable to me because they would have been deceitful to me and the public. Such as:

“1. She wanted a post saying my husband got me the jaruma chocolates and I clearly said to her to leave my husband out of our discussions

“2. She said she will present me with a cow gift. I was to make videos thanking her, and afterwards return the cow. I was suspicious of the motive and I declined.

“3. She wanted to gift me with her outfits and accessories for a video afterwards, to return the items. Again I declined

“4. She suggested to have a failed suicide attempt because I would run to her rescue again it was unacceptable to me.”

Regina said her friendship with Jaruma hit the rocks after she refused to take down a post wherein she accused her of being the cause of the crisis in her family at the time.

“Miss jaruma ruined every form of agreement or friendship we had when she falsely said to the general public that I was the cause of a major crisis going on in my family I went ahead to message her to take down the post but she didn’t,” she added.

The actress also said Jaruma’s arrest and arraignment has nothing to do with the business deal she had with her.

According to her, her arraignment was due to “the various false and malicious publications against my husband.”

“Please note the petition, arrest and the detention of Jaruma has absolutely nothing to do with the business deal between me and her. But simply arose from the various false and malicious publications against my husband,” she added.

The court had fixed Friday to rule on a bail application by Jaruma with the trial scheduled to continue on February 23.

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