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Mercy Aigbe give strong warnings to all Nigerian blogger



Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has fired back at blogger Gist Lovers for dragging her mother and children into her marriage saga with a married man, Kazim Adeoti.

In a series of chats shared on Instagram on Thursday, the blogger alleged that Mercy Aigbe’s mother was widely known in the Anthony area of Lagos State, where she snatched someone’s husband.

Angered by the statement, the actress penned down a warning note in a now-deleted Instagram story, asking the blogger to leave her mother and her children alone.

She said: “Dear Gistlover, I don’t know if you were paid, to try to bring me down, sincerely, I am not moved, neither am I bothered with all the name-calling, bashing and everything…. in a situation where people don’t know the truth, don’t know the true picture of situations, and they decide to be used as an instrument of destruction then it is left to them and their conscience.

“You and your cohorts have come up with different narratives just to paint me as a DEMON, you even involved my kids, now you are involving my dear Mother! Someone comes to your DM cooks up a story just to bring another person down, you without confirming it decide to publish such LIES! I know you think cos you are faceless you are untouchable, but I laugh!

Speaking further, she warned: “Cos no one is untouchable not even you! Gistlover bash me all you can! Label me whatever name you want to.! But leave my Mother out of this! Leave my kids out if this! Since I was the one you were paid to face! Focus on me! And me ONLY…… this post is distasteful and you should be ashamed of yourself! SHAME ON YOU GISTLOVER! SHAME.”

Adeoti, who is U.S. based and is said to have a wife and several kids there, owns a production outfit known as Adekaz Production.

Many have questioned the movie star’s decision to date a married man.

Aigbe’s latest relationship came as a surprise to many while for others, it was only time before the news made it to the Internet as Aigbe had only hinted that her lover is “Alhaji the owner”.

This was several years after parting ways with her erstwhile husband, Lanre Gentry in 2017.

In 2021, the movie star shared a photo where she wore an engagement ring.

“Finally I said Yes to ‘D’ Owner 😍 Thank you, God, of many chances 🙏🙏,” she captioned the photo.

Adeoti popularly known as Adekaz is a businessman with an interest in the entertainment industry and a big investor in an online streaming platform, IbakaTV, a Video-on-demand platform for Nollywood movies.

On Wednesday night, the 44-year-old told TVC presenter Morayo Afolabi-Brown that her husband who is a Muslim is entitled to marry more than one wife.

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