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Shola Allyson A Gospel Singer is ‘under fire’ for featuring Lateef Adedimeji



Shola Allyson A Gospel Singer is 'under fire' for featuring Lateef Adedimeji

Shola Allyson a gospel Singer has been subjected to criticisms for featuring Nollywood actor Lateef Adedimeji in a worship medley.

In a video that went viral, Lateef was captured singing about God’s goodness and how he was shown mercy. Sola came in with the popular Christian song ‘Olorun To Lagbara’ before the actor rendered quranic recitations in another clip of the video.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, December 15, the gospel singer also appreciated Lateef for sharing the ministration process together.

She wrote, “We had a GOOD time at the hangout! Oh, we had a good time! We were not alone! Helps from The Realms came to be with us! They brought goodies! We were breathed into, taught, awakened, jolted back where we were lagging in destiny!

“I am GRATEFUL I was aware that I should do that and encouragement came for me! Thank you Anti @tayofak Thank you maaaaaa! Thank you @adedimejilateef Thank you for sharing of the PROCESS!”

However, while many loved the ministration, many also criticized Shola Allyson.

One commentator Femi Adedipe said: “So disappointed with Shola Allyson for blasphemy on God’s name. No one is asking you to stick with Christ but if you must, do it truthfully and unbiasedly. Saying we all serve one God when we but know it’s a lie, shows she is driven by money and not of God.”

Kayode Adewumi said: “Imagine Apostle Joshua Selman behind the pulpit during a word session and Yeye Osun is invited to chant incantations to worship ‘God’. Makes you cringe, right?

“That’s the same vibe that the Quranic recitation of Shola Allyson & Lateef Adedimeji gives.”

Another commentator said: “To me, Shola Allyson has never been a gospel music minister. Her songs have always revolved around love, inspiration, and encouragement. Though she occasionally does God-centered songs (which is normal with people who do her type of music). Yinka Ayefele is another in this category.”

In reaction to the criticisms, Motolani Alake said: “You people are attacking Shola Allyson because she worshipped with Lateef Adedimeji, who worshipped in Arabic. The problem here is that you lot exalt religion > spirituality, and that brings separatism and elitism into the conversation.”

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