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Sarkodie & Ruger – Till We Die Lyrics



Sarkodie & Ruger - Till We Die Lyrics

Embark on a soulful odyssey with Sarkodie and Ruger in their collaborative masterpiece, “Till We Die Lyrics.” Witness the poetic exchange as these musical titans join forces, with each verse resembling a lyrical dialogue. Sarkodie’s seasoned rap finesse seamlessly intertwines with Ruger’s melodious charm, creating a harmonious blend that captivates the listener.


Sarkodie & Ruger – Till We Die Lyrics

Yeah (now)

Number one


BTS – Butterfly Lyrics (English Version)

Are you serious?

You are leaving me? (What else)

Youβ€²re joking right?

Stop playing with me

You see for my life

Nobody dey do me right

And I wonβ€²t take it likely

What the fuck you saying

Girl I know I fucked your bestie, mistakenly

Now I know you’re vexing

All this money Iβ€²m flexing

Is only you I want to spend am with me

Baby girl I swear I just want you to do

Whatβ€²s best for the team my baby

Stop the cap

Let me tell you straight