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2023 Election: We Know The Election Was Rigged, CSOs Tells INEC To Personal-Up To The truth In Court



2023 Election: We Know The Election Was Rigged, CSOs Tells INEC To Personal-Up To The truth In Court

In line with PunchNews, a group under the auspices of Agrieved Patriotic Nigerians has taken to the streets of Lokoja to protest the result of the Feb. 25th presidential election, which they are saying INEC has compromised. The group, which supported Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, marched via Lokoja Avenue before stopping at the state INEC workplace. Continue Reading…

They urged the electoral body to “face the truth” in court, admitting that the election was riddled with irregularities.

Rita Obiageli Okaeme, the group’s leader, presented a letter of complaint to the state INEC office and said the election commissioner had compromised her stance on holding free and fair elections.

The letter, titled “Protest letter against theft of popular mandate”, addressed to INEC National Chairman Mahmoud Yakubu, reads aside:

The national elections were conducted on February 25 and March 18, 2023, across Nigeria.

After suffering hardships of all kinds over the past eight years, particularly at the hands of the incompetent and dysfunctional government of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Nigerians craved and cried out for change.

A change that would guarantee equity, inclusivity, and real dividends from democracy.

Nigerians wanted a break from banditry, kidnapping, and general insecurity in all parts of the country.

Nigerians wanted a break from all sorts of economic hardships and hardships – never-ending lines at gas stations, skyrocketing gas prices, cash shortages, etc.

The list is endless.

Nigerians went out in their rage to end the senseless and inexplicable suffering inflicted on them by the gross incompetence of APC mismanagement.

Any sane and decent person saw the need for a complete departure.

Fueled by their quest for a total departure from the total catastrophe that typifies the APC administration, we set out to vote on February 25, 2023.

The shenanigans of the ruling party Regardless, Nigerians voted for the party and candidates of their choice.

They were encouraged to do so by several statements by the INEC President that the elections will be transparent and credible.

He promised that the results would be sent directly to the Commission’s portal.

Through its Chairman, INEC assured Nigerians as never before to expect the best.

Needless to say, the results and outcomes of the election left a sour taste in our mouths.

INEC refused to keep its promise to send the results electronically.

This was on purpose. INEC knows this; Nigerians know. It was a deliberate compromise.

Nigerians alike know that it was a deliberate compromise.

No explanation is acceptable.

No detergent can wash INEC’s dirty hands.

While some of the political parties acted in questionable ways, the responsibility lay with INEC to do the right thing.

You let people down. INEC abused people’s trust. Nigerians voted massively to change the old order. It doesn’t take super intelligence to know that INEC’s choice for APC was rigged.

How can people who are openly fed up with one party still vote for the same party? Does this make sense? Why is APC fighting the supposed third-place finisher instead of the second-place finisher? It’s because they stole a position or were given a position that they didn’t win.

INEC is more guilty than any other party in this robbery.

INEC is the real enemy of the people because it dances in tandem with anti-democratic units to deny the people their elections.

The cases are before the court.

INEC should do what is necessary.

Be in court, admit people’s failures and breaches of trust, apologize and do what is necessary.

We will not relax in our efforts to ensure that this mandate, freely given by the Nigerian people, is restored where and to whom it rightfully belongs.

Rita said they would continue to protest until the independent body admits they were complacent.

The group had previously said prayers at the INEC Lokoja Government Office before proceeding to the INEC State Secretariat in the same city. Continue Reading…

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