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Anthony Adefuye Responds to Obasanjo’s Praise of Peter Obi



Anthony Adefuye Responds to Obasanjo's Praise of Peter Obi

Anthony Adefuye, a prominent leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), offered his response to former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s endorsement of Peter Obi as the most suitable candidate for Nigeria at this critical juncture. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

During an interview on Politics Tonight, Obasanjo expressed his belief that Peter Obi remains the optimal choice for the country. Adefuye was called upon to share his thoughts on Obasanjo’s statement.

Obasanjo declared that Peter Obi was still the best choice for Nigeria that he thought was currently necessary.

Anthony Adefuye replied, “Well, it is his (Olusegun Obasanjo) personal opinion, therefore I also don’t blame Obasanjo if he believes it is Peter Obi. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

My perspective is that Bola Tinubu is currently the best president for Nigeria. I can attest to the fact that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is regarded as the best president. He was chosen, and great things are expected of him.

“I’m confident that Nigerians are beginning to recognize that sign, and I can assure them that he will perform magnificently. Therefore, if Obasanjo was right and Peter Obi won, Nigerians did not back him in the election.

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