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Apologies to Nigerians: Fr. Mbaka Expresses Regret Over 2023 Elections



Apologies to Nigerians: Fr. Mbaka Expresses Regret Over 2023 Elections

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has issued an apology on behalf of bishops, priests, and pastors for their involvement in turning the church into a political arena during the 2023 elections. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

Expressing deep sadness, Fr. Mbaka acknowledged that the church had been transformed into a campaign center and a place for political activities. He made veiled references to the Labour Party (LP) and criticized priests for instructing people on who to vote for and how to vote within the church.

Fr. Mbaka further lamented that the power of God had been overshadowed by political forces and influential figures. He took responsibility as a prophet and man of God to extend an apology, acknowledging that the church had defiled its sacred altar. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

The priest emphasized the need to seek God’s mercy, as he acknowledged the wrongdoing and the iniquitous tactics employed during the political period. He expressed remorse for giving glory meant for God to humans and urged for forgiveness from God, asking for mercy and reconciliation.b

Fr. Mbaka concluded his apology by pleading for forgiveness for the church, Christianity in Nigeria, and acknowledging that mistakes were made during that time.

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