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Bishop David Oyedepo’s Latest Prophecy Foretells an Event Set to Occur This Week



Bishop David Oyedepo’s Prophetic Declaration Promises Miracles in Marriages This Week. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

During the ‘Covenant Day of Marital Service’ at Faith Tabernacle, Ota, the Founder and General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, shared a compelling story about a lady in his Church and unveiled new prophecies that are expected to manifest this week.

In a video available on his Church’s YouTube channel, Bishop David Oyedepo mentioned the experience of a member who faced the challenge of infertility and marital frustration. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

He revealed that through her faith in Matthew 6:33, the lady’s circumstances dramatically turned around after attending a Sunday service. Her estranged husband, who had previously abandoned her, was reconciled with her, marking the end of their marital issues.

Bishop David Oyedepo declared, “This week, every ugly news that is hanging around your marriage, God will turn them into testimonies. This week, your hands shall be fruitful. This week, every marital barrier in your family is destroyed. Your sorrow is over in Jesus’ name!”

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