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How Can Tinubu Hold Such Numbers In The South-East And South-South – Daniel Bwala Reacts (Video)



The continuing collation of the 2023 presidential election, which was held on February 25, has prompted a response from Daniel Bwala, the campaign spokesman for Atiku Abubakar.

Recall that certain significant political groups, such as the Labour Party and the People’s Democratic Party, have already begun to demand the cancellation of the results that the INEC chairman is about to declare. CONTINUE READING...

The parties who were disappointed blamed the electoral body’s failure to announce the results using the BVAS machine.

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Daniel Bwala responded to the development by stating that his party cannot accept the outcome due to the anomalies. He asserts that the INEC chairman is not keeping his pledge to organize free, credible, and fair elections. He said that Tinubu was provided incorrect numbers for the South East and South South.


Hear him.

“How can Tinubu gather those figures in the South-East and South-South which they claimed they are leading. That would have been proven if they had uploaded the results and it would be open to everyone.

The candidate they claim is winning come from Lagos but he is defeated in his state by Labour party. In Kano where it is believed to be his stronghold, he was defeated there. In Osun state his own historic land, he was defeated there by PDP. He was defeated by Labour party on the FCT. CONTINUE READING…