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How Rufai Reacted After Lagos State Governor Addressed Him As The “Almighty”



A video currently circulating online has captured the moment the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu was at the Arise TV In Lagos for an interview.

The video, however, had the current governor of Lagos state address one of the presenters known Rufai Oseni as the ” Almighty “…..Continue Reading

It happened that he wanted to greet the three Presenters who were on board during the program before he addressed him as the Almighty Rufai. The presenters were Dr. Abati, Ayo, and Rufai.

So, in the viral video, he said ” I greet you all in the studio, Dr. Abati I greet you, Ayo I greet you as well, and the ‘Almighty’ Rufai”

In the viral video, Rufai smiled and subsequently bowed to him to accept the compliment.

Everyone, including Dr. Abati and Ayo, also smoked as well

Watch the video below;

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