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Is not an election if peoples vote didn’t count, we will make your vote count — Yusuf Datti Ahmed



In a recent Facebook post made by, Dr Yusuf Datti Ahmed, the running mate of the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, expressed his concern over the credibility of the elections. He stated that an election cannot be considered fair and just if the people’s vote does not count. Dr Yusuf Datti Ahmed further assured the public that they will do everything within their power to ensure that the people’s votes count at last. CONTINUE READING

The post also shed light on the demeanor of Mr Peter Obi, who has been relatively quiet.

According to Dr Yusuf Datti Ahmed, this is intentional, and Mr Peter Obi’s silence should not be misinterpreted as conceding to defeat. He further urged the public to disregard tweets suggesting that Mr Peter Obi should concede defeat and congratulate his opponent.

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Dr Yusuf Datti Ahmed emphasized that Mr Peter Obi would never do such a thing and that the public should brace themselves for a long

Yusuf Datti Ahmed’s post highlights the importance of free and fair elections in a democratic society. The people’s vote should be the ultimate decider in any election, and any attempt to subvert this fundamental right is an attack on democracy itself. It is, therefore, commendable that Dr Yusuf Datti Ahmed and his team are committed to ensuring that elections are free and fair.

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