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Peter Obi Preached The Gospel Of My Father And Manifestos In 2019, He Is Not A “Newbie In Presidency” – Hauwa Atiku



Atiku, the daughter of the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar has stated that the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi can not be considered a new person in the political space of Nigeria. CONTINUE READING

During an interview with Channels Tv, Hauwa was asked “What do you say to a lot of young people who think that they like to vote for somebody different, not any member of the older parties because they have seen how they’ve run things and the economy is still where it is at the moment so they feel they want something new? What can you tell those people because you are campaigning for your father who is the candidate of the PDP?”

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In her response, Hauwa said the young people who don’t want to vote for members of the older political parties should understand that Peter Obi has been in politics since 1999.

She said Obi was her father’s running mate for the 2019 presidential election under the PDP where he preached her father’s manifesto to Nigerians and he can’t be seen as someone new when it comes to politics in Nigeria.

About 13:20 minutes into a video shared on YouTube by Channels TV, Hauwa said: “I know that there is the PDP, there is the APC and there is the Labour Party so let me bust a bubble. The Labour Party candidate is not a newbie, he has been in politics as well.

He has been in politics since 1999 and he has been in the PDP. In 2019, he ran on the same ticket with my father, preaching the gospel and manifesto of my father Atiku Abubakar so he is not a newbie and we need to understand that”.