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This proves that Nigerians voted for Obi – Reactions as large crowd cheer Peter Obi as he exists Transcorp Hilton (Watch Video)



Nigerians have been paying close attention since Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, recently appeared in the media. This is especially true now that INEC Chairman Mahmood Yakubu has declared Bola Ahmed Tinubu the victor of the recently held general elections.

In the Transcorp Hotel in Abuja, where Peter Obi had his news conference, many people cheered him as he left and pulled out their phones to capture pictures or record videos. Nigerians have responded to this footage of people applauding Peter Obi on social media……. Continue Reading

Nigerians have reacted differently to the footage showing the cheering throng as Peter Obi left the Transcorp Hilton. Some questioned the gesture, claiming it was needless and amounted to political sycophancy, while some applauded the audience for displaying their support for the Labour Party candidate.

Concerns over the democracy in Nigeria’s current situation and the media’s influence on public opinion have also been voiced by several Nigerians. They contend that the media ought to pay more attention to policy and issues than to spectacle and personalities.

Peter Obi’s supporters, however, have justified the demonstration by arguing that it was a sincere show of support for a man who, in their opinion, can transform the nation. They contend that such demonstrations are a crucial component of the democratic process and need to be praised rather than condemned.

Notwithstanding the varied viewpoints, it is certain that the footage of the throng that celebrated Peter Obi as he left the Transcorp Hilton has sparked a lot of interest and discussion among Nigerians. It is yet unclear how this will affect the nation’s political climate and whether it will have an impact on the results of future elections.

See the reaction from Nigerians in Transcorp Hilton after the press conference.

The man for the people #RejectTinubu Death Note Leak Governor of Lagos Banks Bishop Feyi Aisha Yesufu Seyi Tinubu

— T. Jay (@Rich_Dawg1) March 3, 2023

The responses that followed the cheers for Peter Obi as he left the Transcorp Hilton show how crucial popular opinion is in determining the political discourse in Nigeria. While there may be differences of opinion, it is important for all Nigerians to have a productive and courteous conversation about the problems that will influence the future of their nation. The only way to create a stronger and more successful Nigeria for everyone is to do this.

Here are comments made by Nigerians……. Continue Reading

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