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Carabao Cup Final: Pochettino and Club Icons Deliver Firm Message to Chelsea Fans



Carabao Cup Final: Pochettino and Club Icons Deliver Firm Message to Chelsea Fans

Head coach Mauricio Pochettino alongside club legends have sent a strong message in different formats to Chelsea fans ahead of the Carabao Cup final fixture against Liverpool.

With the final fixture in the 2023/2024 Carabao Cup campaign being played today, Chelsea’s head coach as well as club legends such as Petr Cech and Zola have all sent different special and strong messages in different formats to fans of the Blues ahead of the fixture against Liverpool.

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Mauricio Pochettino sends a message to Chelsea fans

Head Coach Mauricio Pochettino has sent a message to Chelsea fans ahead of the Carabao Cup final fixture against Liverpool. The team’s manager requested the support of fans while mentioning how important the trophy is to the team as a whole.

His post which was shared by Chelsea read, “Chelsea supporters,

Today at Wembley we can create something special. A memory that lives with us all. A moment that endures.

Finals have this power. They unite us. Families will come together and be connected in their emotion. Friends will share this experience and be bonded.

Then there are the children who will live a final for the first time. It is something that always stays with you.

For me, it was the 1978 World Cup final in Argentina. I watched with my father. I was just six years old but I remember it so well.

Of course, the feelings are different now. As a coach you must be relaxed ahead of a final to be clear in your thinking. It’s the same for my staff.

We all believe in our players and the way we work. This season has not always been easy, that is the reality. But the trust between us as a team has remained really strong.

That has helped us reach Wembley and it will help us in this final. Now we must do what Chelsea do. Win.

You, the supporters, will help us. We know this. You have been patient and defended us in our hard moments. You have celebrated and enjoyed our steps forward.

We are proud this relationship is blooming and the feelings we had in this competition after the wins against Newcastle and Middlesbrough – and recently after Aston Villa and Crystal Palace – are something we want again.

Liverpool will not make it easy. They are capable of bringing a storm on the pitch and when it arrives, we must be ready to give our best to achieve what we all want. We will remind the players that when the heart beats a little faster, that is when you must be ready to fight.

We all know the history of Chelsea. It is massive and everyone understands the expectations of this club. That is the owners, the players, the staff at Cobham, the staff at Stamford Bridge, the Academy, and the women’s team.

Many people from the club will be at Wembley today to help us as a team, but also to help translate the atmosphere of the final to the supporters that can’t be in the stadium. Only if we are together can we live these special moments and create these memories.

We want the same as you. We want to continue the traditions of Chelsea. We want this trophy.

See you at Wembley,


Chelsea legends Petr Cech and Zola also shared video messages with fans ahead of the game